René van Osnabrugge

René van Osnabrugge

René van Osnabrugge

DevOps Consultant, Xpirit

René is always looking for improvements on all fronts. By using modern technology, implementing Continuous Delivery, DevOps practices and coaching in the domain of Scrum and Agile, he helps companies improve their software delivery process. René is an active blogger and speaker at both national and international conferences where he shares his knowledge of his passion: Application Lifecycle Management and DevOps. To share the passion even more, he started the worldwide event, Global DevOps Bootcamp, which ran in 35 countries simultaneously. Since 2012 he is Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio and Development Technologies.

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2020 On-Demand Only Package (Las Vegas VSLive! conference)

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Single Track Package - DevOps in the Spotlight - Las Vegas 2020

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