Unlimited VSLive! On-Demand Access for One Year

Advance your career and upgrade your skills with on-demand conference content from Visual Studio Live! Gain all access, all year long by joining VSLive!’s ever-growing conference on-demand catalog through this unlimited 2019 offering.

VSLive!'s 2019 Unlimited Conference On-Demand package offers 75-minute sessions, 20-minute fast focus sessions, and general / keynote sessions from six (6) VSLive! conferences in 2019. Don't limit yourself to one VSLive! session, or one VSLive! conference, keep up-to-date on essential skills and software updates throughout the year.

2019 Conferences include:

  • Visual Studio Live! Las Vegas
  • Visual Studio Live! New Orleans
  • Visual Studio Live! Boston
  • Visual Studio Live! Microsoft HQ
  • Visual Studio Live! San Diego
  • Visual Studio Live! Chicago

Access Period: Available until December 31, 2020

Cancellation Policy: After purchase is completed, VSLive! Conference On-Demand Packages are not eligible for refund or cancellation. Access is for one individual and is not transferrable.

Unlimited VSLive! On-Demand Access for One Year

  • $2,995.00

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