The Next Frontier - Conversational Bots (W02) - Las Vegas 2019

Sam Basu

Bots are apparently the new rage in human-computer interactions, but all you see are nebulous show-off demos. What's in it for you and why should developers build Bots? Like most new technologies, usage and efficacy often come with deeper understanding.

Let's demystify Bots – Conversational Bots in particular. Let's explore where they lead to cost savings for enterprises or drive greater user engagements. Let's explore several developer frameworks to build Bots and learn how/where to host them. The true power of Bots lies in how intelligent they get, the UI through which they provide the user experience and how well they mimic natural human conversations. Let's explore tools and services that enable developers to build smarter Bots – aka, the next generation of apps.

You will learn:

  • About conversational Bots
  • How to host and hook up Bots to services
  • About Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure Bot Service usage

The Next Frontier - Conversational Bots (W02) - Las Vegas 2019

  • $25.00

Tags: Developing New Experiences, Bots, Conversational Bots, the next generation of apps, Microsoft Bot Framework, Azure Bot Service

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