Xamarin.Forms Takes You Places! (T09) - Las Vegas 2019

Sam Basu

You've heard the buzz – target every mobile platform from a single C#/XAML codebase. Sounds too good to be true? The story is actually even better - let's unpack the promise of Xamarin.Forms. The reach goes beyond just mobile platforms of iOS, Android & Windows – did you know your Xamarin.Forms apps could target MacOS, Tizen, Smart Watches, Smart TVs, Refrigerators & HoloLens? And it's not just futuristic devices or platforms, you could take Xamarin.Forms goodness back to WPF & even Web! Yes, we're talking XAML being back in the browser – just different this time. All this isn't utopia, but an absolute reality today. Let's dive into Xamarin.Forms and unearth the magic behind the cross-platform development democratization for .NET developers.

You will learn:

  • Know various heads supported by Xamarin.Forms
  • See latest tooling for x-platform Xamarin dev
  • Understand code sharing mechanisms

Xamarin.Forms Takes You Places! (T09) - Las Vegas 2019

  • $25.00

Tags: Developing New Experiences, C#/XAML codebase, Xamarin.Forms, code sharing mechanisms

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