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Want a front-row seat to the future of technology? View the Visual Studio Live! general sessions to learn what’s hot on today’s tech landscape and what exciting developments lie ahead for this year and beyond.

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Master Tooling for Containers with DevOps (Keynote) - Las Vegas 2019

Jessica Deen, Cloud Developer Advocate, Microsoft Microservices can be hard; understanding container best practices can be hard as those practices are still being discovered. This session aids in minimizing the learning curve with container orchestration, specifically, Kubernetes by bringing DevOps..


Learn About Mobile DevOps with Xamarin, App Center and Azure DevOps (KEY) - New Orleans 2019

Donovan Brown Explore Microsoft's complete mobile DevOps offering. Learn how to use Xamarin for development, App Center Test Cloud for testing and for beta distribution and analytics and Azure DevOps for CI/CD to automate your solution deployment. During this session, we show you the products that ..


Keynote: Moving .NET Beyond Windows (Keynote) - Microsoft HQ 2019

James Montemagno As the software development industry moves at a blazing fast pace so does .NET. .NET leads the way across a multitude of platforms including web, IoT, desktop, mobile, wearables, and so many more. In this session we will take you through the journey of a .NET developer creating app..


Azure and the Internet of Things—Why Modern Developers Should Care (GEN SESS) - New Orleans 2019

Peter Provost The Internet of Things, often shortened to IoT, is everywhere we look these days. From industry pundits to blogs and even the non-technical mainstream press, IoT is becoming a topic of conversation. From startups to all the major cloud vendors, you'll find a rich set of se..


.NET Today and Tomorrow (General Session) - Las Vegas 2019

Brady Gaster, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Beth Massi, Product Marketing Manager, .NET Team, Microsoft Learn about the present and the future of the .NET Platform. We'll take a look at the current state of the .NET ecosystem, it's incredible growth, and demo new features of the latest .NET Core..


.NET Core 3 (General Session) - Microsoft HQ 2019

Scott Hunter This session with Scott Hunter will cover the present and future of .NET. We'll learn about new scenarios that .NET Core 3.0 will enable for big data, machine learning, desktop development and new features in C# 8. Plus, we will look at what is coming in ASP.NET Core including gRPC (co..