2020 Unlimited Track On-Demand

2020 Unlimited Track On-Demand

$1,395/per track/one year

The VSLive! 2020 Unlimited Track On-Demand package gives you access to all of the sessions from one (1) technical content track from six (6) VSLive! conferences in 2020.

Conference track options include:

Access Period: Available until December 31, 2021

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2020 Unlimited VSLive! On-Demand Access for One Year

Advance your career and upgrade your skills with on-demand conference content from Visual Studio Live! Gain all access, all year long by joining VSLive!’s ever-growing conference on-demand catalog through this unlimited 2020 offering. VSLive!'s 2020 Unlimited Conference On-Demand package offers 75-..


Single Track Package - Full Stack Web Development - Unlimited 2020

Full Stack Web Development - Unlimited 2020 Web development has become the dominant approach for building enterprise software. To provide your best on every project, you need to understand the server and browser client worlds. On the server there’s ASP.NET classic, and ASP.NET Core, both with versi..


Single Track Package - DevOps in the Spotlight - Unlimited 2020

DevOps impacts all aspects of the software lifecycle, from development to testing to security to deployment and runtime monitoring. DevOps has been called the second decade of Agile. However, it isn’t just about tools and technologies either. It’s people, process, then products. It’s about continuou..


Single Track Package - Developing New Experiences - Unlimited 2020

Developing New Experiences - Unlimited 2020 The expectations around “user experience” are being upended right before our eyes. In today’s world you need to understand not only graphical interactions with keyboard, mouse, touch, and stylus, but also gesture, 3D, mixed-reality, and more. Fortunately,..


Single Track Package - Delivery and Deployment - Unlimited 2020

Delivery and Deployment - Unlimited 2020 Every developer knows that there’s more to software development than just code and tooling. The practices and techniques we use to understand and analyze the problem space, to manage interpersonal communication and conflict, and other patterns and practices,..


Single Track Package - Cloud, Containers and Microservices - Unlimited 2020

Nearly all organizations are exploring or embracing cloud computing, whether that be on-premises or public clouds. The concepts of container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes (aka K8S) are having a major impact on cloud computing, as well as on software architecture. This is perhaps most cl..


Single Track Package - AI, Data and Machine Learning - Unlimited 2020

AI, Data and Machine Learning - Unlimited 2020 Data has once again become one of the hottest topics in our industry. Advances in relational tools like SQL Server are exciting, but then there’s all the cool stuff happening around NoSQL too! And a major driver for all this excitement around data is h..


Single Track Package - .Net Core and More - Unlimited 2020

.Net Core and More - Unlimited 2020 At the heart of the Microsoft development experience is the .NET Framework. But these days there’s so much more than just that original framework. You also need to understand .NET Standard and .NET Core, not to mention the cool features added to C#, Roslyn and Vi..